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Established in January 2003 for the purpose of helping companies reduce operating expenditures  related to utility costs through innovative energy conservation that guarantees specific fiscal results.
Motto: We place clients in a better financial position than we find them.

Mission: To raise clients’ profitability while lowering operating expenditures in a
sustainable manner that enables companies to redirect more earned profits to business goals

Vision: To become the premier provider of supply-side energy services and demand-side energy conservation solutions by growing the client base to 1000+ satisfied commercial customers.

GU has two (2) core competencies:
    Supply-side Services
    Demand-side Solutions

Located in Southeastern Michigan, Georgetown Utilities provide products and services throughout the region and nation-wide

Georgetown Utilities is a limited liability corporation with 7 full-time employees and five part-time employees.

Our assets are our core competencies and we have exclusive access to patented and proprietary energy efficiency and conservation solutions. We effectively use contractor and consultant resources to augment are total resource capabilities.

Equivalent NAICS Codes

North American Industry Classification System Codes

    238220 – HVAC/R Contractors
    561210 – Facilities Support Services
    541618 – Utilities Management Consulting Services
    541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services(Energy Consulting Services)

Equivalent SIC Codes

Standard Industry Classification Codes

     9611 – Administration of General Economic Programs
     8744 – Facilities Support Management Services
     4924 – Natural Gas Distribution
     4931 – Electric and Other Services Combined
     4932 – Gas And Other Services Combined

Equivalent UNSPSC Code

United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes

     15111700 – Fuel additives
     40101700 – Cooling
     70142011 – Cooling or refrigeration services
     71123002 – Management and operation of all facilities, engineering,modification
                       and maintenance services for site or platform
     72102300 – Plumbing and heating and air conditioning
     72102302 – Heating systems installation repair or maintenance
     72102305 – A/C installation or maintenance or repair services
     73101502 – Natural Gas Production Services
     80101702 – Productivity or efficiency studies or implementation
     80161600 – Business facilities oversight
     81141800 – Facilities management
     83101900 – Energy Conservation
     83101901 – Energy Conservation Programs
     83101902 – Energy Use Reduction Measures
     83101601 – Supply of Natural Gas

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